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Team Vs. Wild

Do you have an adventurous group?  Are you craving excitement, adventure, and a taste of the great outdoors? Our Team Vs. Wild event is for you!

While your team’s survival is never truly in question, they will bond through a series of fun, engaging and memorable challenges!

We have a series of activities that vary from mild to wild, simple to extremely challenging, and everything in-between!  This is always a custom-tailored event to match your desired time commitment and level of challenge for your teams.

Our seasoned professional facilitator and survival-expert (founder and author of the GuysSuvivalGuide.com), will guide your team through the experience of a lifetime.

From blindfolded tent-building, our outrageously fun snare-a-bear snare building challenge,  improvised shelter construction and real-world testing, hilarious sleeping bag races, cerebral hammock construction, and even the option of difficult yet rewarding fire-starting challenges, we have a large menu of potential activities that will keep your group engaged!

We are also able to help you with venue selection, and even integrate day hikes, moonlight hikes, and other ‘classic’ outdoor activities with our flexible agenda.

Overnight adventures are available, with the option of camping in tents, cabins, or even “glamping” for those who appreciate the outdoors, but require more refined accoutrements!

Contact us today and find out how we can work with you to create an event that will bring your team closer to nature, and closer together!

This event can be done as quickly as a half-day, or can be built into a single or multiple day retreat.

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