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Bomb-Proof Egg Drop

Our Bomb-Proof Egg Drop is an entertaining, challenging and hilarious business simulation that will engage and entertain your team while providing an effective team-building exercise that they’ll be talking about for months!

Your group will be tasked with designing, building, marketing and testing egg-protection devices to protect an egg from the rare and endangered “vegetarian chicken!”

Each team will be issued one rare and special egg, which they will design into a creative “mascot” using supplied art-materials.

TV-style marketing presentations will be created by each group, integrating their egg-cellent mascots. Teams are encouraged to be as creative and “outside of the egg-carton” as possible when designing their marketing, which often includes singing, dancing and re-enactments (a great photo op!).

Each team must also purchase/negotiate materials from our “materials vendor” (using a provided “imaginary budget”), with a wide variety of materials. From those materials they must build an egg-protection device capable of withstanding at least a 10-foot drop.  Their egg-protection systems will then be opened and subjected to final inspection by an independent judge (with either victorious or hilarious results for their eggy mascots!)

Our professional facilitator meets with your team and after a brief intro they lead off with a playful ice-breaker that sets the tone for the day. After setting intentions for the day, your group is creatively broken into teams of 4-6 people, and then the task for the day is explained to them!

As this is a “business simulation” there are learning-points and take-aways that are emphasized, including budgeting, negotiation, marketing, change-orders, changes of human capital, time management, planning, improvisation, communication, creative design, and collaboration.

This is a fun, hilarious and productive day for your entire team, with bonding, memories and real-world take-aways that last long into the future!

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