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Communication TuneUp

When communication breaks down, the whole company starts to fall apart! Communication is the grease between the wheels… Keep your team running smoothly with our Communication TuneUp!

Communication TuneUp

Communication Tune Up Developmental Team Training Workshop and Team Building EventCommunication. It’s at the core of everything we do. From sharing ideas and building synergy, to reassuring customers and resolving conflicts, if you’re working, chances are, you’re communicating.

Because it’s such a central and foundational skill, when it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong. Breakdowns in communication are where trouble usually starts. Which is why it’s so important to tune-up your team’s communication skills early and often.


By learning and practicing the skills developed in our Change Team Building Event about Communication by Tune Up - a Team Training Developmental WorkshopCommunication training, your team will learn to communicate clearly, listen productively and develop a new sense of trust and openness.
Like all of our programs and trainings, the Change Communication training, while informative and transformative, is also fun and engaging! Participants don’t just learn concepts, they get the opportunity to work on them in real-time with enjoyable activities designed to challenge communication skills, practice new techniques and highlight the foundational principles.

Our Change Communication training includes:

  • Tune Up Developmental Team Training Workshop and Team Building Event on Communication Clarifying Problem Areas in Communication
  • Conscious and Unconscious Messages
  • Listening and Hearing Differentiation Exercises
  • Empathic Listening Techniques
  • Body Language Keys and Techniques
  • Eye Language and Unlocking Parts of the Brain
  • Emotional and Logical Communication
  • How To Give and Receive Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Accountability Partnering

A typical Change Communication training lasts 3.5-4 hours, and can be customized to the particular needs of your group. Group sizes can range from 4 to 300 people. We keep our skills development trainings designed to be 1/3 theory, concept and information, 1/3 interactive learning and application, and 1/3 group activity based.

Great For:

  • management teams that want to work more effectively with their staff
  • sales teams that want to boost rapport with customers
  • co-workers and peers who need to work together more harmoniously
  • anyone who wants to take their team to the next level of productivity and job satisfaction

Team Training Developmental Workshop and Team Building Event about Communication by Tune Up This training pays big dividends by giving instant results that can be applied immediately. By eliminating boundaries to communication and creating a common “baseline” for communicating effectively that everyone has agreed to, you will see a change in the way your team members interact.



When Communication Improves, Frustration, Conflicts and Mistakes Go Down, while Sales, Productivity and Job Satisfaction Go Up!  Contact Us Today to Learn More About the Team TuneUp Communication TuneUp Workshop!

We had a great day with the event with Den! Everything was perfectly organized, and Den is a great person to work with. The group enjoyed the event and learned a lot from them. Thanks for your support and coordination! Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards

– Saskia Coolen, Philips Healthcare

Know that you made an impact here with the information that you shared. The participants enjoyed the event and learned a great deal about themselves at the same time. The overall feedback from the day has been very positive, including the content, the activities, and your delivery… The entire process from start to finish was handled in a professional manner. I really appreciate your guidance in planning the day. Thanks for everything! I’d say it was a huge success!!

Leslie Coleman - Director of Training, Kiddie Academy

We learned a lot about our team and had a terrific time during the process!
Thanks for everything!

– Marianne Smith, Shire Pharma

Thank you for pushing through to provide a terrific program for our blu eCigs leadership team. I appreciate your contribution to our organizational growth. You set the right tone and laid good foundation for the meetings that followed on the next day.

– Flemming Johnson, Lorillard Tobacco Company

Our team is super excited about what we were able to accomplish with your support. You are a fantastic facilitator!! Please don’t hesitate to share my contact information to provide a reference for you and your team. Your service is outstanding!!!

– Sabrena Ellis - Sr. Budget Coordinator, Norfolk Public Schools

The event was very well received and people are still talking about it. Great job and I look forward to working with you again.

– Brian H. Webber, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo International

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful program and for sending us Den as the facilitator. Everything was very well thought out, planned and executed. Den was wonderful, the program was wonderful and all enjoyed!!!

– Bonnie Karfeld, Elsevier

I can't thank you enough, Den. You went above and beyond for our company. You were truly a pleasure to work with and I cannot effectively articulate how much I appreciate all your efforts, especially considering the bind I was in!

– Marie Vinas, Experian
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