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Transformational Change

Change Is A Natural Part of Life and Business… But It Can Be Scary For Some. Help Your Team To Embrace Change In A Productive, Tranformational Way!

Transformational Change

Change comes in all shapes and sizes, and entering the unknown territory of a changed team or business can be unsettling and alarming for some. Others view change as an opportunity for growth, development and renewal. The way that change is framed to your team can make a huge difference to their outlook, well-being, and productivity.

Being armed with helpful tools to adapt to and feel safe within a climate of change is essential to your team.

In our “Adapting to Change” program, our professional facilitator takes your team on a realistic journey through the process of change, development, growth cycles and renewal. Common fears are brought up so that they can be held to the light and made less intimidating.

Individual activities walk them through the pros and cons of change, both personally, professionally, from a team basis as well as organizationally.

Activities help the group to understand and experience the incredible power of embracing change, how it can transform us, and how to look for opportunities in the face of a changing topology.

Our facilitator will work with you in advance to understand your current situation, discuss the obstacles and challenges facing your group, and help shape the message and activities of the training to mesh with the realities of your particular situation and objectives.

Exercises and Take-Aways Include:

  • The Importance of Intentions
  • Factors that Drive Change
  • Standing Out & Being Outstanding – The Risk Reward of Change
  • The Growth / Decay Paradox – Redefining Change (farmer / soil example)
  • Adapting to a New or Changing Topography
  • Inter Reliance and Developing Support Systems
  • Keeping Change Positive
  • How to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback
  • Seeking Opportunity in Crisis – Case Studies

I was skeptical that this would be just another "Covey Corporate Training" and be repetitive and only take one or two things away or reinforce past learnings. Well I am happy to say this was much more and was one of the most refreshing and best 4 hours spent during our 4 day meetings in Miami. To be honest, this would have been only better if we had more time. I have many take aways and Den more than delivered. I would recommend Den to any organization and look forward to working with him on future events.

Thomas Aham, Boston Consulting Group

We had a great day with the event with Den! Everything was perfectly organized, and Den is a great person to work with. The group enjoyed the event and learned a lot from them. Thanks for your support and coordination!

Saskia Coolen, Philips Healthcare

Thank you for pushing through to provide a terrific program for our blu eCigs leadership team. I appreciate your contribution to our organizational growth. You set the right tone and laid good foundation for the meetings that followed on the next day.

Flemming Johnson, Lorillard Tobacco Company
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