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The Behavior Lab

Personality Style Workshop

Get The Best From Your Team! Our Behavior Lab
Training Amplifies Your Team’s Strengths, and
Teaches Them To Respect Their Differences.

Synergy Has Never Been So Fun and Effortless!

MBTI Myers Briggs Behavior Style Personality Type Profiling Certified Practitioners Instructors ProvidersBehavior Lab – Personality Type Workshop

What if your team had the tools and understanding to be more effective both in their own individual efforts, as well as in collaboration with other team members? What if you could pBehavior Lab MBTI Myers-Briggs Pesonality Type Behavior Style Workshop and Corporate Team Training and Team Building Program by Team TuneUprevent future misunderstandings, friction, and inefficiency from ever even happening?

What if your team members were able to embrace their respective similarities and differences in personality style, and use that understanding to massively boost performance, efficiency and satisfaction?


That is the goal of any good personality type / behavior style system. But which one do you choose?

Team Work Group DYnamics Team Building

With our Personality Lab program, and our hybrid system, your team will learn the most important and effective aspects of each of these systems. More importantly, they will learn how to remember and apply thisinformation on a practical and daily basis.

Our hybrid approach integrates what we consider the most effective and easily applied concepts, principles and applications of behavior style and personality type training. And, just like all Team TuneUp trainings, we dedicate ourselves to presenting the information in a fun, engaging and interactive way that keeps your team involved and active. (There’s nothing worse than listening to a talking head for 4 hours!).  Your team will experience the value of understanding and respecting personality type differences and similarities first hand with our proprietary exercises.

By the end of this training, your whole team will have a better understanding of themselves, as well as a much more clear picture of how to interact with other members of your team. The results of this skill development training are deep, powerful, and lasting.

This skill development program is a continual favorite among companies who are dedicated creating high-performing teams that are mature and effective communicators.

Your Team Will Learn:

  • Know What Motivates People
  • Understand How to Delegate Appropriately
  • Recognize Strengths and Challenges
  • Sell More Product by Knowing Your Customers
  • Ease Friction Within Your Office
  • Get the Best Performance From Everyone

Behavior Lab MBTI Myers-Briggs Pesonality Type Behavior Style Workshop and Corporate Team Training and Team Building Program by Team TuneUp

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