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Competitive Team Building ‘Mini Challenge’ Event!

Just in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics! Your team bonds while competing in a selection of mini-events that will challenge, entertain and bond!

The “Team Olympics” Games!

Competitive Team Building ‘Mini Challenge’ Event

You don’t have to wait four years to see your team give a gold-medal winning performance! We know that the best team building activities are more than just a day away from the office. We specialize in events that are fun, memorable, and keep your whole team engaged!

ArcheryTeam TuneUp’s Team Olympics event is a fun, challenging and bonding team building activity that will engage, challenge, energize and entertain your entire team! With all the aspects of the best team bonding events, this Team TuneUp original event brings out the imagination, creativity and synergy in your group!

Teams represent self-defined countries, like Cattopia and The People’s Republic of Socks. They prepare their proud national heritage presentation, (including anthem and mascot), for the hilarious “Opening Ceremonies.”

OlympicMascotsAfter the Opening Ceremony presentations, teams compete in the Team Olympics challenges. Given a few minutes to strategize with their teammates, they choose who will compete in what events, and how!

We suit the activities to your team and location. For more athletic teams, other physical competitions can be devised, including incorporation of park playground and exercise equipment!

After the games, national scores are tallied, and the “Closing Ceremonies” conclude by awarding the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Team Olympics Awards (along with hilarious awards for the “not-so-winning” teams!)

This is an engaging team building event that encourages imagination, synergy, team work, competition, creative and hands-on design and crafting, presentation skills, competition, and most importantly… FUN!


I just wanted to say “Thank You” for an excellent event, which really set an exciting and fun-filled tone for the rest of the meetings!

Den and his team did a fantastic job of rallying everyone from executives to field sales to engineers and finance folks from around the globe into a dynamic, intense and extremely memorable team-building event!

ITT Cannon is under-going a huge turn-around and creating positive momentum with such a great team-building activity is a big part of setting the tone for the exciting year ahead.

I appreciate all of your flexibility and adaptability to all of my ‘crazy’ requests and would be more than happy to be a reference for potential clients!

Laura Hanks, ITT Cannon

Thanks for all of your help with our boat building event! I did a survey with my team and they loved the event and would totally recommend it to another team. 🙂

Shawnte Price, Google

Our events coordinator Den Bradshaw is very easy to work with and adapted our event to our liking even at the last minute. Again I would like to say what a fantastic event we had, most people voted it their best event to date !!!

Suzanne Ryan, Microsoft
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