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Dining in the Dark Mixer

Adventurous Cullinary Experience

Dining in the Dark Team Building ExperienceHow do you take an otherwise ordinary meal, and turn it into an extraordinarily memorable group experience? Dining in the Dark!

Your facilitator starts by engaging your team with a fun ice-breaker and mixer that gets them thinking about and sharing their most

memorable experiences. Participants learn about each other and get in the right mind-frame for the delicious and truly unforgettable meal they’re about to share!

Your group is then blindfolded with our custom-made silky-smooth and comfortable blindfolds… And led hand-to-shoulder like elephants to our perfectly orchestrated pitch-black Dining In The Dark experience!

Dining in the Dark Team Building ActivityWith the room blacked out, your team experiences a new level of flavor, texture and smell as they explore their meal, likely eating in the dark for the very first time! You’ll hear tables making guesses as to what they’re eating, (it’s all delicious!), and laughing as some abandon their silverware for a more direct approach!

Experience Includes:

  • We work with your venue (or help you find the right venue) to
    prepare the room, and help design an appropriate meal.
  • Facilitator guides the room through their experience, while
    allowing the group to laugh, explore and enjoy their meal!
  • Meal consists of multiple small entrees, sides and desserts which
    provide a range of delicious tastes, textures and smells.

After this amazing meal and dessert, the head Chef rolls out an untouched sample of the meal and answers the burning question: “What was in that amazing meal!?”

Treat your group to an unforgettably tasty, engaging and fun experience!

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