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Photo Finish! 

Collaborative Team Building Event

Create, Communicate and Collaborate!
Your Team Will Have Fun, Grow, And
Create Memories With This Fun Event!

Engage your team’s creative juices with the Photo Finish collaborative photography event!

Our professional facilitator (and professional photographer) will lead your team through a creative day that will teach participants some of the “secrets” that pro photographers use to take better photos than us normal folk. From composition, to tricks of lighting and model positioning, your team will get a crash-course in photography before they’re set loose on their challenge.

Each team is given a waterproof, shockproof camera and issued a series of challenges designed to both affirm the tips and tricks they were taught in the training session and stretch their collective creativity. For each exercise, team members take turns being subjects, scouting and setting up scenes, and taking the photos.


Challenges include:

  •        Use of motion-blur to portray action
  •        Use of flash and natural light to create a studio-like effect
  •        Use of reflectors to shape natural light for professional portraits
  •        Landscape & tripod photography
  •        Long-shutter times for low-light photos (situationally dependent)
  •        Story-telling (10 picture photo-story)
  •        Model posing & Lighting
  •        Team Headshots
  •        Group Photos w/timer & tripod

Ideal team size of 3 – 4, with maximum group size of 100

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