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Team TuneUp PaperStorming Ice Breaker
Team TuneUp PaperStorming Ice Breaker

PaperStorming Mixer!

1 Hour Team Building Ice-Breaker & Mixer
This is a engaging, memorable and fun way to create a “think, collaborate, and move-around” break for your event!
Your group works collectively to distribute simple pieces of paper as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping within three very simple rules.
The group gets off to a ‘rough start’, despite understanding the goal and working toward it, as they don’t have a clear and singular vision and plan to align behind. This is a great analogy for businesses and projects… Despite energy and enthusiasm toward a goal, a group can only be effective if there is a clear vision that everyone is aligned behind!
In the next phase, everyone is broken into groups and each group is tasked with coming up with their own plans for paper distribution. Synergistic thinking and creative problem solving are emphasized, along with “getting outside of the box.”
Between highly energized attempts, the facilitator provides the group with stories and insight that lead them to open their perspective, see new possibilities, and continue to optimize their solutions.
The whole room is buzzing with energy as the group rapidly goes through all the stages of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing… ultimately resulting in a  accomplishes a high performing time, to cheers and shouts of joy!
With careful facilitation and creative twists that keep everyone challenged and engaged, this deceptively simple activity is often the highlight of the day!
Contact us to see how we can work the PaperStorming Mixer into your next corporate event or team building activity!

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for an excellent event, which really set an exciting and fun-filled tone for the rest of the meetings!

Den and his team did a fantastic job of rallying everyone from executives to field sales to engineers and finance folks from around the globe into a dynamic, intense and extremely memorable team-building event!

ITT Cannon is under-going a huge turn-around and creating positive momentum with such a great team-building activity is a big part of setting the tone for the exciting year ahead.

I appreciate all of your flexibility and adaptability to all of my ‘crazy’ requests and would be more than happy to be a reference for potential clients!

Laura Hanks, ITT Cannon

Thanks for all of your help with our boat building event! I did a survey with my team and they loved the event and would totally recommend it to another team. 🙂

Shawnte Price, Google

Our events coordinator Den Bradshaw is very easy to work with and adapted our event to our liking even at the last minute. Again I would like to say what a fantastic event we had, most people voted it their best event to date !!!

Suzanne Ryan, Microsoft
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