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Cycles Of Change

Not Just Another Philanthropic Bike Build Event,
Our Cycle Of Change Is A Fun, Competitive,
Memorable Event That Your Whole Team
Can Feel Great About!

Cycles of Change Challenge

Philanthropic Bike Build

Who says you can’t have fun, learn something constructive, and give back to your community all at the same time?  With our Cycles of Change Construction Challenge, your team engages in a fun, competitive and challenging competition that everyone can feel great about!

We will partner with a charity of your choice (or our facilitators can find a local charity for you, often the Boy’s & Girls Club), and at the end of the event, your team will pose for a group photo with their completed bicycles and the charity you’re donating to, sending them to their new home with a big cheer and a lot of love.

Your professional facilitator begins the day with an introduction, and some brief yet meaningful context and intention setting for the group.  Next your team joins in a fun physical ice breaker that shakes off the rust and gets people into a more fun, open and playful space.

Your group is then broken into teams using a simple and fun process, and they then learn what it is that they’ll be doing.

This is not a typical simple “bike build” (snore). The event has been specially designed to keep everyone active and engaged for the entire event.  Before the bike build begins, all the different bike parts and tools must first be earned by completing a series of engaging and fun physical, mental and “social” challenges that will keep your teams on their toes!  Once the parts are earned, teams begin assembly of the bikes, as well as solving a cypher/puzzle that allows them to unlock a specially coded lock on their bike.

Mini-competitions are timed, and bikes are quality-inspected before being approved from the “assembly line.”

But we’re not done yet!  While the bike-build and unlock challenges will be timed, there is still the all-important “big ending” where teams must do the final “Quality Test” by racing the bicycles they have built.  Bikes are raced side-by-side in a battle-royale. Riders wear cycle helmets and safety is emphasized. Teams cheer their riders on, and up to 4 riders may be asked to participate per team, in a relay-race style.

We wrap this event with the big bike give-away where your team presents the bikes to the charity of your choice, photos are taken, and everyone comes out a winner!

Huge thank you to you and the team for helping with our Team Build. Everyone loved it and it was a huge success, lots of fun, and great pictures! Thanks so much for everything Den!

Marina Silvestros - Diageo

"The event we ended up with was exciting, engaging and very worthwhile. Den put in a lot of effort to make the event as exciting as it could be... The ending result was a great team building event that left everybody in a positive mindset."

Jonathan Jackson, QEP Resources
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