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Collective Creative

Art Program

A fun, collaborative program where your
team can relax, open up, and get to know
each other better.

Collaborate, Communicate and Create!

The Collective Creation Art program is a fun, engaging, collaborative event that emphasizes creativity, communication, cooperation and fun!  Your team has a memorable, rewarding day working together on artistic activities that engage their creative juices, get them to open up to each other, work on their communication, and create a collective intention and message is designed to persist.

Throughout the day, individuals, pairs and teams are given direction from our professional facilitator who is also a former professional artist.

The day starts with an introduction, ice breaker and some simple activities to loosen the group up and get the creative juices flowing!  Your facilitator works with your team to set an intention for the day, and then launches your group into a simple individual art challenges with personal moral or meaning. Next, pairs of artists are given increasingly challenging tasks, including creative activities which require collaborative teamwork and effective communication to complete.

A fun and light-hearted atmosphere is maintained, and at the end of each session, artists share their creations and their significance and/or meaning with their group. Some contributions will be fun and playful, others deep and meaningful.

As the final challenge of the day, the entire room works together to plan and execute a collective work of art which incorporates a democratically agreed-upon theme or message. This work of art, and its message, can then live on by being placed on display at your office, break room, lobby, hallway or other appropriate location at your business!

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