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Driven Team Grand Prix

Supercharge your team with this fast-paced competitive team building event! Your team designs and constructs their themed race car, complete with decorations, a hilarious marketing presentation, and a grand-finale race! Bonding has never been so fun!

Driven Team Grand Prix Race!

Themed Car Build & Race Competitive Team Building

The Driven Team Grand Prix is an exciting, engaging and memorable competitive team building activity!  This challenging and fun group event will bring your team closer together, keep them engaged and provide laughter and memories for years to come!

Because it’s designed to have tie-backs into real-world business, this fun team bonding activity is excellent for affirming concepts and themes from our skill development trainings which can be paired with the event.

Your experienced facilitator begins the event with a playful ice-breaker that sets fun and engaging tone for the day. They then set intentions for the day with your team, keeping focus clear and allowing us to loop back at the end of the event and affirm what we’ve accomplished and learned in our day together. This also allows us to integrate any special messaging, themes, or ‘learning points’ you request, making this a highly customizable event.

Next, participants are broken into teams of 5-7 members, and meet with their new “client” (the facilitator) who assigns them their task… to design and build specially constructed super-ecological “human-powered” race cars for competition in the Driven Team Grand Prix!

Integrating fun themes, teams build soap box derby style cars capable of carrying one of their team members through a race course. They must also put together an entertaining and compelling marketing presentation!

Immediately, teams begin planning, budgeting, negotiating and requisitioning materials to design their very own cars. They must develop their own “human powered” propulsion system involving two additional team mates. They must successfully collaborate, lead effectively, and make use of everyone’s skills to achieve success!

When you look around the event, you’ll see everyone positively engaged, active and busy working toward their goal. Teams leverage their creative skills for the decoration of the car, racer and in their promotional presentation. Meanwhile, logical, analytical and mechanical skills are capitalized on for the “engineering” and execution of the car itself!

When all is said and done, our facilitator wraps up the event and even provides awards for the winners, (as well as the conspicuously “not-so-much-winners”).

This is a hilarious, fun, bonding event with real-world business take-aways on communication, collaboration, creativity and adapting to change!

Contact us today for a free consultation and to discuss providing the Driven Team Grand Prix Challenge for your driven team!

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for an excellent event, which really set an exciting and fun-filled tone for the rest of the meetings!

Den and his team did a fantastic job of rallying everyone from executives to field sales to engineers and finance folks from around the globe into a dynamic, intense and extremely memorable team-building event!

ITT Cannon is under-going a huge turn-around and creating positive momentum with such a great team-building activity is a big part of setting the tone for the exciting year ahead.

I appreciate all of your flexibility and adaptability to all of my ‘crazy’ requests and would be more than happy to be a reference for potential clients!

Laura Hanks, ITT Cannon

Thanks for all of your help with our boat building event! I did a survey with my team and they loved the event and would totally recommend it to another team. 🙂

Shawnte Price, Google

Our events coordinator Den Bradshaw is very easy to work with and adapted our event to our liking even at the last minute. Again I would like to say what a fantastic event we had, most people voted it their best event to date !!!

Suzanne Ryan, Microsoft
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